Swimming Pool openings

When should i open my swimming pool

Your pool should be opened when the temperature is over 70 degrees this helps prevent the growth of algae in your pool and also prevents your water from spoiling and causing bacteria and flies that bring thousands of infections.
Many homeowners are very hesitant to open their pools early because of how expensive it can be, however considering that many homeowners today have saltwater pools and two-speed motors on their filter systems, the chemicals and costs Electricity is very low since they can run the pomp in low speed for the whole month and only have to spend up to $ 50.00 in total expenses.

Should i reopen my swimming pool on my own?

However, it is important to follow the following steps to have a long-lived pool that does not have algae and more than anything that your health remains in perfect condition before and after getting into your pool.

Are you stressed out about the opening and closing of your pool after the weather warms up? Take the stress out with professionals at Paradise Pool and Patios. We take care of swimming pool openings and closings for clients in Rockland County, North Bergen, and Bergen areas. We have more than 25 years of experience in the business and can help you with the closing and opening of your inground pool or spa on demand.

Proper and professional pool opening and closing make sure that you require lower maintenance and repair over the year. Having a proper pool opening service as part of a complete seasonal service ensures you and your kids enjoy the pool time much sooner when the temperature rise without any allergies or skin irritation. Our complete seasonal swimming pool openings and closing services include power washing, chemical treating & testing, and winter check-ups to assure that your inground investment is properly operations. You can also contact us for pool opening and pool closing as stand-alone services when the swimming season starts or ends as per your requirements.

Why choose professionals for pool opening and closing

When you properly close your pool at the end of the swimming season, pool opening will be a lot quicker and less or no damaging to your pool equipment. Similarly, when you open your pool properly, you can finish the pool closing process quickly and efficiently with the proper arrangements for the next season. Pool opening and closing professionals are equipped with the right tools and equipment to complete all the tasks using standard methods.

What we do

We offer a complete range of pool opening and closing services  in Rockland County, North Bergen, and Bergen areas. on demand. Our team of technicians and experts review all of your pool systems, water pH balance, and condition of your pool at the time of opening and closing through a full inspection of your entire pool area.

Our pool opening services include:

  • Remove and store winter cover
  • Drain dirty water
  • Remove leaves, dirt, or other debris
  • Chemically treat the entire pool area
  • Install and inspect pool equipment and filtration system
  • Filling the pool
  • Chemically balance water
  • Our pool closing services include:
  • Drain pool water to the winterized level
  • Treat Pool Water
  • Maintain chemical balance
  • Dismantle and clean pool equipment
  • Winterize pool lines and piping systems
  • Remove debris, leaves, or toys from the water
  • Install Winter Cover

Opening and closing your pool safely and securely is our primary job, and we know how to do it to prepare things in advance for the next swimming season. Contact us to know more about our swimming pool openings and closing services in Rockland County, North Bergen, and Bergen areas. Give us a call to talk to our knowledgeable experts and discuss your specific requirements.

 Areas We Serve:

Rockland County, North Bergen, Bergen County, New Jersey