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On our page you will find very valuable content for Pool Remodeling – Pool Opening – Pool Closing  and Pool Maintenance Services.

leading company in the pool maintenance industry in Rockland County New York & Bergen County, New Jersey

Pool Remodel Services

Remodeling a pool is convenient for the reason that many damages that over time will be done in your pool will be repaired.

opening and closing pool services

Are you looking to open or close your pool? Paradise Pool and Patio has more than 25 years of experience in opening and closing pools for clients.

Pool General Maintenance

Before opening or closing your pool it will need to be cleaned in a professional way, Paradise Pool and Patio can help you with it click below for more info about pool maintenance.

Why Paradise Pool And Patio?

Working with more than 2 counties for the satisfaction of our clients, Paradise Pool and Patio is a committed company with more than 25 years of experience.

While some companies focus on giving an estimate, Paradise Pool and Patio is a company that seeks to help clients in a more complete way, it is more important that a client is well informed than for a client to only receive an estimate.

Rockland County in New York and Bergen County, New Jersey are two counties where we have worked for the last 25 years, the commitment to our clients is so great that we take care of their properties as if they were ours, home swimming pools should not be an expense but an investment, and here is Paradise Pool and Patio to take care of it with the correct maintenance.

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Do you have any questions for Paradise Pool and Patio? As click on the button at the bottom and we will give you more information without any commitment, do not miss this opportunity to have the accurate information at no cost.

Some of our projects

As you can see on our page, you can not only find services such as the opening sweeming pool, close sweeming pool and much more, but you can also find a gallery of our work, we think and know that Paradise Pool and Patio is your best option.

Trying to get prices from different companies could be exhausting, many companies have been organized since a week ago and have zero space to take your call without boarding with Paradise Pool and Patio you can call during our working hours and you can be guaranteed that you will be attended.

Do not wait any longer, let us contact you via email or call, leave us your phone number in the form below and we will contact you shortly.

At Paradise Pool and Patio, we are a reputed pool service company and help you maintain and restore your pool in Rockland County, North Bergen, and Bergen County regions. We have been doing pool care, maintenance, and restorations for over 25 years, and we do these things better than any other pool care company in the region. So, when owning a pool is a fun part, let us handle the rest to keep your swimming pool operational and intact throughout the year with our seasonal services.

As a locally-owned pool care company, we treat our customers’ swimming pools with complete care and safety as if they are our own. Our comprehensive pool services include:

  • Weekly pool services
  • Pool Maintenance and repair
  • Pool openings and closings
  • Pool equipment installation and repair
  • Pool inspections and review
  • Pool clean-ups

Paradise Pool and Patio is a full-service pool company to help clients with all their pool service needs. We work with a team of trained and knowledgeable pool technicians and experts who are equipped with all the equipment you need to finish the job. As a reputed pool service company in the region, we make sure to keep your swimming pool clean, healthy, fresh, and well-maintained throughout the year.


Paradise Pool And Patio: this is a family own company based in New York area and New Jersey area, we can guarantee your services without any doubts give us a call and let us take care of your pool.

Areas we serve

Rockland County in New York
Township in New Jersey

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